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Amazoi Tech offers solutions that increase safety in workplaces and make employee training more effective by successfully using AR technologies in occupational health and safety (OHS) issues. AR (Augmented Reality) technology allows workers to describe complex machines, view maintenance instructions and follow step-by-step troubleshooting steps in projects developed by Amazoi Tech. In this way, the possibility of errors in the workplace is reduced, while working efficiency and safety are increased. Amazoi Tech advances occupational safety standards and provides added value to the industry by offering innovative solutions in the industrial field with AR technology.

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Resource Use OHS AR

As Amazoi Tech, we have developed an innovative AR project on occupational health and safety in welding. In this project, we offered the opportunity to perform operations using our bare hands. We worked to demonstrate safe practices in both Arc Welding and O2 Welding processes. Thanks to augmented reality AR technology, employees can learn safety precautions by following welding processes step by step and create a safer working environment by minimizing hazards. With this innovative project, we managed to raise safety standards and prevent occupational accidents while welding in workplaces.

TUPRAS Model Assembly and Disassembly

As Amazoi Tech, we have successfully developed the Tüpraş Model Assembly & Disassembly project. In this project, we were able to interact with objects with bare hands, get information about the parts of the objects, see what they do, and perform assembly and disassembly operations. Thanks to AR technology, users can easily learn and practice these operations. Our project was designed to increase productivity in workplaces and make training processes more effective. With this innovative approach, we have taken an important step in industrial training.


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