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Amazoi Tech is an R&D company that develops AR/VR supported simulation projects and was established with Ankara Development Agency, Hacettepe Technopolis, fonbulucu, GSYF (VCIF) and 60 qualified investors’ fundings in a crowdfunding campaign.

Amazoi Tech develops simulation projects with augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and WebGL technologies for its business partners in various sectors like defence industry, petrochemistry, automotive, construction/mining and industry.

Amazoi Tech is currently productizing our country’s widest VR supported critical work safety and on-the-job training simulation library with its highly qualified team of engineers and designers.

We are building the future simulation technology by developing sector specific trainings.

About Us

Noktaları Birleştirme
Noktaları Birleştirme

Our Mission

We Build the Future Simulation Technology!

Our mission is to offer world-class advanced technology solutions that put people at the center and meet the expectations of our business partners by thinking from the perspective of the end user in the simulation and mobile application solutions we develop.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading and pioneering software company in our country and globally, developing world-class productized solutions without losing our R&D focus.


Zehra Yaşar

She has graduated from Hacettepe University English Mathematics and has a master's degree from Hacettepe University Software Engineering. After 7 years of work experience in the defense industry, museum and education sector working with Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and sensor technologies, she founded and commercialized AMAZOI with the support of Tübitak in 2018. In 2020, Tübitak 1507 SME R&D support brought Amazoi an unrivaled project in the field of health in the international arena. She then has created a qualified software, design and business development team and brought it to a level that can compete with market leader global companies.

Eren Yaşar

He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Gazi University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and an MBA degree from Hacettepe University. He worked as a manager in the sales departments of multinational companies such as HILTI and GOODYEAR, and was responsible for the management of the country's most critical customer & dealer groups, with a turnover of over 20 million dollars. He is experienced in team and crisis management and also has consultant-level knowledge in the field of key customer and dealer management. He continues to improve Amazoi's strategic roadmap and increase its business volume. He aims to carry Amazoi's simulation solutions to the global market by productizing them.

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